Parkruns in Berlin – Top 10 (English)


Never change a winning path? 😉 … Let’s be honest: Usually you take your beaten tracks, right? Esp. for your morning and „somewhat obligatory“ runs – no need to think about nice surroundings etc., just collect your training kilometers. You know every single grassroot and don’t have to cope with surprises.

So far, so good.

On the other hand, you are clearly missing out a lot when you are not open for new things, paths, routes etc. It’s the same in running as is in real life. Testing a new running route and endeavour new terrain is much fun and inspiration since the new impressions you gain will open your mind automatically. You can even say that running in a new area on new routes is the compressed version of a nice city trip. Additionally, there is no difference whether you run through other quarters of „your“ city, explore a new piece of woodlands or another park you haven’t been before.


For those who are permanently living in Berlin (on your way to being local) or for those who are just visiting and want to explore the city by sight-running, we have made some research, which parks are designated for a decent run.

Here are our Top 10 parkruns in Berlin:

  • Schlossgarten Charlottenburg – a paradise for runners with two options (one on each side) to extend the runs alongside river Spree – for as long as a run could ever be
  • Großer Tiergarten – runner’s heart, what could be better? Meeting point for many running groups, perfectly matching with sight-running and history, Berlin’s oldest park
  • Treptower Park – a fantastic 10k-round along the outer ring; can also be combined with Plänterwald;  Alternatively: cross country as much as you want
  • Volkspark Jungfernheide (Charlottenburg Nord) – hidden gem with old water tower in the middle and incredibly cool „Hochseilgarten“
  • Volkspark Friedrichshain – terrain for runners of all ages and ambitions with deep ruts and a steep hill for some uphill sprints 😉 Enjoy swan pond and „spring of tales“ whilst exercising
  • Volkspark Humboldthain (Wedding) – idyllic terrain for laid back running, however, similar to the Teufelsberg with a „Trümmerberg“
  • Volkspark Rehberge (Wedding) – a typical „Volkspark“ with endless paths
  • „Seenplatte“ Grunewald (Schlachtensee, Krumme Lanke, Grunewaldsee) – THE lakes for ambitious runners and runners-to-be, including celebrity factor. New special at Schlachtensee: no dogs allowed
  • Rieselfelder Gatow (Spandau), sorry, information (link) only in German – infinite width as a mixture of park, fields and woodlands around
  • Tempelhofer Freiheit (Airfield Tempelhof) – no „park“ in the real sense, but much fun to run in the heart of the city with such a historical background

Now, it’s you: Which one is your favourite? Please let us have your comments and support us, growing this list of tipps for parkruns in Berlin. You are not running in Berlin at all, but know cool parks for running in other cities? No probs – you can recommend parkruns in other cities, too. Perhaps we’ll conduct a voting from all of your tipps about the nicest parks worldwide 🙂

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    • Thank you, Debbie, for the compliment and for sharing! There is more to see in the English section, esp. for visitors for the upcoming Berlin marathon! See you!

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