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Running a marathon can be weird: those who run, cannot understand why those who don’t cannot understand that they do it. However, it’s not that complicated, in fact. A marathon is an extraordinary experience for both, the runner and his support team.

The support team has a clear mission: be at the track on time, wait for ages for the runner, use 3-5 seconds waving, cheering, handing over a bottle and some gels, fruits etc. and individually motivate the runner (experienced spectators have been spotted taking a picture all at once); mostly without falling over another runner whilst running aside. Much ado about few action, though!

Runifico - Top 10 Berlin von oben

Run up first, then look down: Berliner Fernsehturm / Alexanderplatz

As  this seems to be a very small period of joint joy whilst of the travel group, the person that is cheered at, i.e. the runner, should do anything before the race to jolly his friends and family along and keep them in perfect mood – and needless to say: after the marathon is ahead of a new one. The runner should lay the foundation for his next marathon trip on time.

In order to easliy convince and please your support team to accompany you on your trip to the Berlin Marathon as much as possible so and get their best buy-in, we have gathered some tipps for Pasta-Restaurants and Rice-Restaurants in Berlin already: whilst you are stuffing yourself with carbs, you should make sure your buddies spoil themselves with the decent dishes – bingo, credit gained!

Additionally, we recommend to find places to have a view on Berlin from above: there are many beautiful vistapoints in Berlin, which you can reach either strolling around or with a cool (but tough) training run 😉  Here we go with our Top 10 Spots „Berlin from above“:

  • Fernsehturm / TV Tower – “Telespargel” – the rotating restaurant – special charme
  • Funkturm / Radio Tower – “Langer Lulatsch” – the lift is an adventure, but it’s also fun  🙂
  • Teufelsberg with radarstation (shall we really translate into „Devil’s Mountain“?) – Art and history meet with a view – including campfire romance
  • Grunewaldturm – everything is green around you in the middle of woods and water – is it really a „big“ city ?
  • Siegessäule – “Goldelse” in the middle of Tiergarten
  • Reichstagskuppel – sorry, that you have to queue but it’s really worth it!
  • Glockenturm Olympic Stadium – the Olympic Stadium just in front of you with World record track in blue and the view on Berlin – perfect!
  • Müggelturm – Berlin from the other side with its biggest lake Müggelsee
  • Friedrichshain – moderately uphill, hip and centred; crowded with runners
  • Hahneberg – historical on the edge between former East and West; farmland versus city

Now, the tourist program for the Berlin Marathon can be planned – you can get to most of the listed spots by public transport and of course, you can get off the train/bus a few stations earlier to have another run for the rest 🙂 As real Berliners, we wish you a lot of fun exploring our great city and all the best for the marathon, either as runner or supporter. Enjoy it!


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