Marathon Preparation: Top 10 – Mnemonics for your Will Power


Motivation is key! Especially when you think about running a marathon.

At an event as the Berlin Marathon the majority of this task is given by the cheering crowd who is always in perfect mood and motion, mainly with clapping hands. However, it’s a long way down the alley from registration to the starting line (and even more to the finish line) – not rarely, one asks oneself the inevitable question: why the hell am I doing this…?

Runifico - Top 10 Gedanken zur Selbstmotivation

In such situations – and also during the competition itself -, right at the moment the body sends out clear signals that it would prefer hundreds of things that are better than running the remaining distance, it might be useful to get some help from your own thought power. Thus, you should make sure that your brain has some space left for your motivating thoughts. If you rely on the following Top 10 mnemonics, you’ll make it – guaranteed! …To the starting line, and more importantly over the finish line 😉

  • Don’t let your Tapering fool you! You have trained well and sufficiently – trust your training and relax – you deserve it right now!
  • Think of a quote for your mental counter attack when you „hit the wall“ – perhaps, repeat it several times, as long as the wall is fully destroyed (or you have already crossed the finish line in the meantime…)
  • Plan your journey to the start well ahead and with a buffer (…for the toilet); check public transport!
  • Check your morning routines and your stuff ( have you seen your starting number somewhere around?)
  • Eating: have your breakfast as planned and ahead of start and also eat regularly during the run
  • Drink as early as possible – head to the refreshment stands (usually every 5k) and to your friends and family serving your personal miracle drinks
  • Start moderately and accelerate – easier said than done, (we know!), as everybody is cheering and shouting at you and you feel like the horse at the startbox
  • If your legs get weaker and want to give up, think of your arms 🙂
  • Plan something really cool for the „after-run“ – Party!!!! (I chose Burger & fries and a pint whilst watching football in a London pub last time…it was great for at least the last 5k in the London Marathon!)
  • Enjoy your run! It’s YOU who wanted it this way 🙂

The runifico-team wishes you all the best for your optimal preparation – and a clear win of your thoughts over your weaker self (in German we call it the „Schweinehund“) 😉 .


(c)ávio Junior

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