Let the others run: Top 10 alternative Marathon Program


In some recent posts, you have already come across various tipps for the non-running supporter of how you can enjoy yourself during your stay for the Berlin Marathon despite the fully focussed single-minded purpose of all (!) the other visitors. Surprise, surprise…, although the Berlin marathon as the very special event (course, spectators & weather) embraces virtually everything that weekend, there is one or another additional highlight in Berlin.

Today, we would like to reach out to those who normally would not have anything to do with running (a marathon); save as the rather irrelevant fact that they make their contribution as supporters for the runner’s topnotch-preparation and his personal cocoon.

Runifico - Top 10 alternatives Marathon Programm

Berlin is fun – even without running a marathon

Here we go with our Top 10-recommendations for pure Berlin-tourist-enthusiasts, who better let the others run – and for such runners, of course, who combine the Berlin marathon with a longer stay in the city:

  • Travel to Potsdam – no nuisance by roadblocks for the marathon
  • Rent a sailing boat on the river Havel. Or a woodden raft like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Enjoy your day on the water and have a good party
  • Enter an original Berliner „Kneipe“ with a name like „Zur gemütlichen Ecke“ (you’ll find that in every Berlin borough) and have a „Herrengedeck“ – may be an adventure and for the courageous amongst you (depending on the micro-area; your choice!)
  • Watch a movie in a cinema, especially when the sun is shining – something you wanted to spoil yourself with since kid’s age?!
  • Have two icecreams a day. Every day! At best from the best
  • Spend a full day in a Spa/Wellness temple. Let the runner pay, since running the marathon does not come for free, either
  • Have Currywurst (famous curry sausages) at as many places you can find. Make a top 10 list of your own and send it to us. (Beware of the decisive question: „Mit oder ohne Darm?“, i.e. „With or without peel?“)
  • Replace „Currywurst“ by „Döner Kebap“ the next day (original vs. Chicken) – Mustafa’s is a must, even if you go there only online & they DO NOT only have veggie!
  • Try to find your way into one of Berlin’s most famous clubs and party all night long till dawn. Or even longer and then start the new day with a Currywurst or a Döner Kebap from your top 10 list
  • Have yourself the XXL package: Do the whole list in exactly this order!

We wish you the absolute maximum of fun for your Berlin-visit. And don’t forget to tell us whether you made it through the whole list or if you even have encountered other interesting activities or spots that you’d like to share with us and the runifico-community – just use the comments field below 🙂


(c) freeimages.com/Heriberto Herrera

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