Green Berlin Marathon – Top 10 Reasons for Saving Energy


Hey, has anybody calculated how much energy is generated during the Berlin marathon?

With estimated 40,000 participants, this equals a total of at least 1.7m k of running, handbiking, skating etc…Not being maths or physics geniuses ourselves, we do not exactly know how much this is in „energy“ –  looking forward to hearing the right answer from anyone amongst you 😉

Anyway, what we DO know: this year, the Berlin marathon should be greener than ever! Why? At the Berlin Vital marathon fair today and tomorrow, there is a really cool event for everybody to join, (in German we´d say „abgefahren“ in its true sense), which Energy Floors from Rotterdam initiated for BMW: in brief, the idea is to fuel up the official electric lead vehicle, a BMW i3, with energy for the race, by running, dancing or jumping around! Cool, eh?


Here are our Top 10 why YOU should also be part of it (we have already made our moves:-) :

  • It’s fun! There’s music, there’s good atmosphere: it’s a party, basically. Get the mood!
  • You need to be shaved and tapered for the big run, right? Doing a little dance on the Electric Avenue is the perfect low-key warming up for Sunday.
  • It’s an easy way to do something ‘green’.
  • BERLIN VITAL is a public event, so even if you don’t run on Sunday, you can help charge the BMWi3. It’s BMW’s way of letting the audience be part of the race.
  • It’s a unique opportunity to be part of a really special event.
  • It’s necessary: without your energy the lead vehicle won’t be driving on Sunday.
  • The Electric Avenue is truly innovative: when have you ever generated energy by dancing?
  • You need to pick up your race number at BERLIN VITAL anyway, so why not try out the Electric Avenue while you’re at it?
  • There’s a lot to see at BERLIN VITAL, so after charging the BMWi3 you’ll be up to speed with all new exciting running must haves.
  • It’s completely honest: no cheating with software here 😉

Runifico BMW i3 Berlin Marathon

We think it´s a cool thing – so, will you help charge the Berlin marathon lead vehicle – the music is good, so „let´s go dancing“ 😉 Meanwhile we are further trying to figure out how many BMW i3 you could charge with the energy generated by all participantsof the Berlin marathon; if  someone gives us a hint…;)

Images: Energy Floors


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