Gastbeitrag: Run for Charity


The summer is finally in full swing in Berlin. Temperatures are rising, and more and more people are running outside. The Berlin Marathon is looming on the horizon. More than 40,000 participants and a million spectators will take to the streets to witness this fantastic event. I will be one of those spectators cheering on our charity team.

One of the teachers in South Africa using our e-learning software.

Having been a cheerleader for almost 10 years, I am quite familiar with the concept of cheering on athletes, and I take it very seriously (it’s also a lot of fun too though!). Our participants are working hard to complete a 42.195 kilometers race and to raise money for our mission of providing on-site and digital health education to prevent children in southern Africa from dying from simple diseases like diarrhea. I have been a cheerleader both on the field, on the court, in the streets, and in the office. It is difficult to continuously motivate people to complete an incredible feat of mental strength and perseverance. However, I am proud to be leading Team i-MED vision in its first ever participation in the Berlin Marathon because we have to be cheerleaders. We have to ask those to support us so we can support the innocent children who are dying through no fault of their own. It is not an easy task to ask. We must first begin with asking ourselves. Every day when we get out of bed, we have to ask ourselves to keep working at achieving our goals. At kilometer 32, we have to ask ourselves to keep going even though our bodies may be telling us a thousand no’s. We have to keep asking donors to give to our cause even though we may have heard many no’s before. And I have to ask you all as the readers to spread the word about i-MED vision in order to recruit more participants to complete our team.

i-MED vision is an NGO based in Berlin’s neighboring city, Potsdam that has a pilot program in an informal settlement in South Africa. To learn more about us, please visit If you are interested in joining Team i-MED vision or know someone who is, please contact Rick Hoffman at

Thank you!


We at runifico are pleased to publish and support this little post in view of the Berlin Marathon and in particular in view of running for charity.

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