Berlin Marathon – Top 10 Music and Cheerpoint-Hotspots


We have already gathered quite some tips for the runners of the Berlin marathon: where to fill up your carbo hydrates, with pasta or rice (a gusto), which side program may suit, which songs match the run (and its different stages), which sights are a must, what alternatives could be chosen instead of getting caught by the marathon enthusiasm or how to entertain the kids in the meantime, and most importantly, which mistakes you should avoid before and during the run.

With this, the „trapping“ is wrapped up and now Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present the highlights of the Berlin marathon from the runner’s point of view!

Runifico - Top 10 Music Hotspots Berlin Marathon

The spectacular Berlin crowd completely freaks out every year, mainly because of the fantastic music program alongside the course of the Berlin marathon. So to say, it’s a 42k- or 26.2 mile-long live concert. For your preparation, we have collected the highlights you can expect in our personal Top 10 music- and cheerpoint-hotspots – be ready:

  • KM 5-6: Samba do Kanzleramt
  • KM 12: Strausberger Platz; the drumbass carry you over the huge alley
  • KM 14: Moritzplatz – Samba/Percussion – you want to join the dance; attention: you will surely get faster!
  • KM 15-17: Kottbusser Damm/Hermannstr. – anything you could possibly want; it gets loud from many flats and windows above you or spontaneously on the street
  • KM 19,5: “Yorckschlösschen” – Jazz at its best
  • KM 24: Innsbrucker Platz – Power (!) Percussion under the bridge – that really pushes…and right after the bridge right hand side, 2nd or 3rd floor: the “crazy balcony” – full power from above, probably the loudest private spot on the course (look up and wave!!)
  • KM 28,5: Platz am wilden Eber – legendary & epic
  • KM 33-35: Ku’damm etc. – it carries you away – get the flow!
  • KM 38,5: Potsdamer Platz – Samba…your hips swing for the last kilometers
  • Home stretch: Unter den Linden – many things with the smell of German Rostbratwurst – you don’t really care because everything pushes you to the Brandenburg Gate in sight already and to the finish line right behind it…Edge of Glory-Time!

You’ll also find further informationen on the official website of the Berlin marathon, section Musicmarathon (in German only). We wish you the maximum groove and „beat your best“ 😉

Image: (c) richard

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