Berlin Marathon Special – 10 Songs for 42 km


Do you remember the good old Walkman from Sony? The granny of all the modern mp3-players? This gadget was groundbreaking for us hearing music virtually everywhere – for instance and most importantly whilst running. Sure, it’s common sense that music can enhance our running performance; a good swing makes us feel stronger and motivates, our legs are flying to the beats per minute (BPM).

And it goes without saying, mood and motivation are also essential for every participant in the Berlin Marathon. Although, the crowd is surely carrying you away into your flow to the finish line, but with the right song in your ear in every situation on the race course, you’ll make it even easier.

Runifico - Top 10 Songs Berlin Marathon

Oh these funny tapes, handwritten and self-designed. Really great back then, but imagine you’d need to run the marathon with a walkman? Depending on your speed, you’d need to have at least one other tape in your pocket, in order not to hear the same songs again and again. Fortunately it’s much easier today to carry a long playlist with pushing music on your mp3 device – unless you forgot to check full battery level 😉

Music taste is undenieably pretty much one own’s business. That is why there are at least 42,195 songs, who either of us would choose as perfect match for a marathon. Having not enough space left to list all of them, we selected our personal Top 10-marathonsongs after several tests in (the long) training runs and various competitions. (The following (affiliate-) links lead you directly to the song in the iTunes-Store.) You are using Spotify? Here is your curated playlist.

On your way to the starting line: The Final Countdown – Europe

Now it’s your turn(table): Is there the „ONE AND ONLY“- running song, which should not be left out in any playlist, especially not if it comes to a dedicated marathon playlist? Please share your personal favourite with us – ideally in the comments field below 🙂

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