Berlin Marathon for the Family – Top 10 Program for Kids


Slowly but surely, the tension and excitement are rising: the Berlin marathon is only a few days, even hours away: 42.195 m fun, pain and circumstances

Not rarely, a marathon event is a family affair. Sure: on the one hand, the runner needs full backing prior and especially during his competition…mainly from his family. On the other hand, most of the famous runs take place in the big cities around the world, so that they can easily and perfectly be combined with a short (or longer) trip with the family.

Runifico - Top 10 Kinderprogramm Berlin

The way the „big ones“ can enjoy themselves off the marathon course has been addressed already: either check on Berlin from above or just check out the alternative Marathon Program entirely. However, what shall we enjoy the „little ones“ with, the runners of tomorrow, apart from the mini-marathon or bambini run? They usually would have only few understanding for why mum and/or dad would run through a foreign city together with thousands of other crazy people for hours and until the state of full exhaustion. However, the kids are also served well, if you adhere to the following Top 10 tipps for kids‘ activities in Berlin:

Berlin for Kids – explore and conquer the city and make sure our little ones have as much fun and joy as you have! One thing should not be missed at all: the ice cream in all of your hands! If you’d ask us we should recommend a short cut to Potsdamer Platz for Caffè e Gelato or the homemade traditional Florida Ice (our favourite is „Swiss Chcocolate“, but for the kids something without rum taste should be better). And don’t forget: many long distance runners swear to god that an icecream before the race makes stronger and FASTER! 🙂


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